Women’s week

Women all around the word are inspiring and motivating others. Every day they are changing the world. Every one of them has that ‚something’ inside. Some of them are helping people in silence, others are delighting with their artistic sensibility, while there are those who are providing us with sports emotions. Women’s day is associated with beautiful flowers and nice gifts given to all ladies. However, this day is something much more.

For the week preceding the Women’s Day, Warsaw Sirens will share their inspirations with you – our players will tell You about women who, according to them, showed incredible courage, delighted with their beauty or passion or they are just great people.

WOMEN’S DAY [7/7] – Ordinary but extraordinary.

Orsi Solti
The woman who inspires me the most is my mother. She taught me to help and love unconditionally.  She showed me to always fight for my own good and because of her I’m never afraid of any challenges. She is the reason why I look for the good  in people instead of the bad, the reason why I know that violence is never the answer. With each day passing I realize more and more how much of a goddess she is! If I will ever be half as good of a person as she is I will be amazing!

Sylwia Kazimierczak
There are many many women who deserve to be called my heroines. They are women who are kind, positive and who help others. My mother, who has a golden heart and shows unselfish goodness to animals. My friend who, having a difficult start in life, fulfills her dream and finishes architecture (with a great result!). My sisters, whom I can always count on and which have always been my role model. Also my great inspiration are my teammates, full of passion and determination. They motivates me to cross my own borders.

WOMEN’S DAY [6/7] – Because it’s best to do things your own way.

Marysia Mgłosiek (LB)

I admire many women, but I would like to mention two. The first of them is Anna Smyk. An unquestionable superwoman of the Polish veterinary. A woman who lives her passion. One day she figured out how she wants to live her life and now she is making it a reality. She saved innumerable animal lives, and also supported many stray human souls. She has a special place in my heart because she once also helped me. Completely selflessly, not knowing me and not expecting anything in return – just because I needed help. Thanks to her I’m graduating again and I have a feeling that I have a second home.
The second woman is her daughter Olga Pruszkowska. Following the footsteps of her mother, she created her own world – quite different from the one she was brought up in. She did that against the expectations of others, by listening to herself. She is a rock that merges her family while preserving her autonomy and sensitivity.
They are two strong women who have found their happiness. None of them could live the life of the other. Both are of support for each other. They accomplish their goals and at the same time are open to the world around them. Amidst the chaos and pace of modern times, it’s hard to keep these qualities.

Aleksandra Soroczyńska
The woman who inspires me is Meryl Streep. As a young actress, she has heard many times that she is too ugly to make a career. However, she did not give up. Today he has 17 nominations for an Oscar (including 3 awards), 27 nominations for Golden Globes (8 wins). Regardless of how many roles she played, how many prizes she won, everyone cooperating with her (actors, but also crew members) emphasize her commitment to work and modesty. Has anyone ever heard of the scandal caused by Meryl Streep? In addition, she is the spokesperson for the Museum of Women’s History, which also supports financially.

WOMEN’S DAY [5/7] – Our Friends.

Monika Skiba (DB)
Luiza Złotkowska – her achievements for Polish sport are not need to be presented to anyone. I admire her for talent, passion, determination and years of hard work on her way to the desired goal. In this tiny, ethereal blonde there is an amazing physical strength and a great fortitude. I had the opportunity to see that her achievements and the person she is , is an inspiration for the young generation of skaters. Privately extremely modest, optimistic, warm and cheerful person with a great sense of humor. I really appreciate her for being an athlete, a woman, a friend, and I am always waiting for our joint feminine meetings in a neighborly group (hopefully never cease). Luiza, you are a woman for a medal, not only in sport, but also privately.

Julia Sujka (LB)
I think that the most inspiring women in my life are those from my immediate family. One of them is my grandmother. She spread the love to travel. She visited half of the world while retired, experienced wonderful adventures and met amazing people. She took me on the first train trip to Greece and that’s when I fell in love with travels. Thanks to her I met a Greek, with whom I exchanged a pack of M&MS for super sunglasses and the owner of a restaurant who put a tea on the table for me every time he heard me shouting from the threshold of „Kalimera”. Another time I met a nice, older couple on the beach and they taught me how to swim. Thanks to my grandmother I’ve also had the first contact with the scalding jellyfish and ate the first Snickers in my life (which I got as recompense). Now I try to travel as much as I can, remembering grandma’s tips where to look and see. I love her and I admire that she is a great support and a voice of reason in every situation.

WOMEN’S DAY [4/7] – Women who helps others.

Iwona Siemińska (WR)
One of the people who inspire me is a wonderful woman, psychologist Katarzyna Miller. Kasia helps women to understand and love themselves. She tells how to overcome problems and get out of life’s troubles (or how to notice that we did get into them). She advises how to make yourself happy. She encourages us to pay attention to what we really want, instead of what society requires of us. And it’s all served in a cool, loose and fun form. Her speeches and books give courage to grab life by the horns! Sometimes she is controversial, often surprising… And her way of being and looking at the world makes it possible to listen for hours. This woman is a great inspiration!

Agnieszka Kowalska (DB)
I am lucky because there are a lot of smart, good, strong, interesting and unusual women around me. My friends and colleagues are passionate people who do many interesting and wonderful things in life. Every day, they inspire me with their ideas, commitment, diligence and strength of character. However, I will describe a woman I did not meet in person (she lived in 1906-1994), and which is a role model for me. It is Viola Spolin – social worker, teacher and also the godmother of the impro. Spolin combined her passion for theater with activities for poor immigrant children. She created improvised theatrical games whose form allows us to overcome cultural and ethnic barriers. The games she develops teach creativity, and acceptance of ourselves and others, adaptation, concentration and self-expression. They also have a therapeutic effect on participants. For Spolin, the most important thing was that the individual would learn to overcome the „syndrome of approval/rejection” which blocks the natural creativity of an individual seeking to please others. I chose Viola Spolin because she uses her passion to do good in world.

WOMEN’S DAY [3/7] – More female role models!

Paulina Kamińska (LB)
One of the women who I find inspiring is Aleksandra Hirszfeld – author of the Entuzjastk project, which ‘promotes courageous and effective people acting according to higher values regardless of political views, adversities or fashions.’ Its purpose – as the authors say – is to build in the virtual public space a catalog of contemporary Polish women’s profile that can inspire others to act and help to strengthen the sense of solidarity and agency among women. I feel that we need a reminder that we, as women can have a voice and strength – and that we need contemporary female role models that could inspire others to act and strengthen the sense of sisterhood and solidarity among women – and that’s what Mrs. Aleksandra, together with with her team is doing for us.

Justyna Lipczyńska (OL)
A lot of women are my inspiration, like my mother, my grandma and my fantastic friends. In general, I think that women are the strength of this world. That’s why there are many of them in the pantheon of my idols. Ewa Błaszczyk, transforming personal tragedy into a wonderful mission to save others; Journalist Dorota Wellman – for assertiveness and steadfastness of views; Meryl Streep, a woman fulfilled in professional and private life, but also a feminist; Politicians Angela Merkel and Katrín Jakobsdóttir (Prime Minister of Iceland), flawlessly moving in a world recognized as masculine. Businesswoman dr Małgorzata Adamkiewicz (Adamed), who combines innovation and efficiency with femininity. And of course the sportswoman Justyna Kowalczyk and Natalia Partyka, proving how to fight for the championship against all difficulties. And in my everyday life, a woman who motivates me to work on myself is my daughter, also a footballer, who courageously crosses borders.

WOMEN’S DAY [2/7] – We need heroines every day!

Aleksandra Szwed (DB)
A month and a half ago, my son came into the world. Since then my life has turned upside down and nothing is the same as before. I do not have time for washing, cleaning, cooking… not to mention sport! During pregnancy, the biggest challenge for me was the need to resign at some point from work and from the Team. I miss this professional and sports self-realization. 😉 The person I admire is Mrs.Odetta Moro, who also recently gave birth to a son. I appreciate your commitment as a mother, but also the fact that you are at the same time pursuing you professionally, leaving for holidays, and recently you even described your return to trainings. You openly speak about the hardships of returning to a pre-pregnancy form… 😉 That’s all before me! I am going to come back to the Team from March and I know it will not be easy, but you give an example that I can do it! May both of us succeed!

Kaja Świerk (OL)
I admire Dorota Wellman because she is not afraid to express her opinion. She pays the advertising remuneration to help the needy, she struggles with severe migraine and social opinion. She advertised underwear only to show that curvy women can also be sexy, not just flat-belly ones showing the bottom in the mirror.

WOMEN’S DAY [1/7] Let’s start with sports!

Katarzyna Bożena Malarek (RB)
One of my sports inspirations is the UFC champion, MMA fighter, Joanna Jędrzejczyk. She inspires me because she has the mentality of a real champion and – like us – Warsaw Sirens, she had to overcome many obstacles at the beginning of her career. She started in sport which is not very popular among women in Poland, but despite that she managed to make an international career and promote female MMA in Poland.
Let’s hope that it will be the same with the American football players in Poland 🙂

Natalia Górecka (DL)
I can definitely say that my inspiration is Ewa Chodakowska. Her positive energy and a smile that does not come off her face cracks me up. I admire her for supporting and for helping so many people. I also value her for determination, because the road to her success was certainly not easy. At the same time she is so natural and she does not pretend to be anyone else. And she is still herself in everything what she is doing. For me, she is a role model, ideal woman and a motivation that I sometimes need.